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Sophie Delivers Greenbelt News Review

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December 21

Every Tuesday night, staff members of the Greenbelt News Review meet at their office in the Greenbelt Community Center to make final selections on this week’s paper. All articles, photos, and ads are sent to the paper’s layout contractor Lynn Eppard. On Wednesday night, the layout is checked and corrections are made. The final version of the paper is sent electronically to the printer, and on Thursday morning it is posted to the paper’s public website. On Thursday afternoon, the print copies are delivered to Greenbelt, and the paper’s circulation manager Ian Tuckman delivers the paper to each carrier’s home. The carriers are supposed to deliver the paper to residences by Friday night. Last Friday, I followed Sophie as she delivered the Greenbelt News Review to GHI homes.

Sophie is a freshman at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Her route includes 9 and 12 courts of Ridge Road, Westway, and all GHI homes west of Westway. Here she is at 8 Ridge Road.

Note that an envelope is attached to each copy of this week’s paper. This is the time of the year to tip the News Review carriers.

5 Ridge Road

Sophie walks from 5 Court to 3 Court.

6 Ridge Road

Garages at 6 Court of Ridge Road

Sophie picks up more paper which she has left under a mailbox.

Her route includes 175 homes.

1 Ridge Road

It is getting dark and I turn on the flash.

4 Court of Ridge Road

Winter jasmine flowers are blooming.

2 Ridge Road

3 Crescent Road

5 Crescent Road

She walks past Santa and Mrs. Claus at 7 Crescent Road.

Sophie and his father Steven. They tell me that their family used to live in this part of GHI and Sophie’s brother Zach started delivering this route when he was seven years old. Sophie was four then, and she and her father helped Zach out. Now Zach has a separate route, from 44 Court of Ridge Road to Laurel Hill Road, and Sophie has taken over this one. She says that although the weather can be bad and some dogs bark quite a bit , she enjoys walking outside and doing her job. She is not paid much, $7.50 per week, but she gets tips at the end of the year and hopes to keep this route through her high school years.


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December 24, 2012 at 6:00 am

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  1. Nice to see a Panda delivering the News Review.

    Doug Love

    December 24, 2012 at 7:57 am

  2. Sophie & Zach have been my carriers for a long time and do a great job. Hope everyone is generous with their tips.


    December 24, 2012 at 5:42 pm

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