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Holy Cross Lutheran Church Decorates for Christmas

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December 19

On Wednesday night, I stopped by Holy Cross Lutheran Church on Greenbelt Road and took photos of members decorating the church for Christmas.

Sign for Holy Cross Lutheran Church by Greenbelt Road

Lutherans in Greenbelt started meeting at the home of Edward Trumbule at 35L Ridge Road in 1944. In 1952, a Lutheran church was dedicated at 22 Ridge Road. This church on Greenbelt Road opened in 1969, and the old property was sold to the City of Greenbelt and has been replaced by Green Ridge House, an apartment building for seniors.

Church members decorate Christmas trees flanking the altar.

Angela Fu and Jim Byrnes put lights on a Christmas tree.

Anne Marie Bradley and Michele Bugenhagen take tree decorations out of their box.

Stephen Mentz has been pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church since 1994.

Pastor Mentz consults with others on where to put more decorations.

Bob Krueger places a star on a Christmas tree in the lobby.

On the wall are photographs of Holy Cross Lutheran Church’s four pastors since its founding. From right are Rev. Edwin E. Pieplow (1944-1953), Dr. Martin C. Poch (1950-1951), Rev. Edward Birner (1953-1993) and Rev. Dr. Stephen H. Mentz (1994-present).

Bob Krueger and Bill Pichel work on an angel in the lobby.

Jeanne Byrnes puts a decoration on the tree.

Jim Byrnes and Bob Krueger wrap lights around a wreath.

They hang the wreath on the wall.

Julene Pichel and Jeanne Byrnes take more decorations out of their boxes.

On their way out, the group recognizes Julene Pichel’s birthday by singing Happy Birthday to her.

Julene Pichel, the birthday girl

Holy Cross Lutheran Church will hold two Christmas Eve services at 12:15 p.m. and 9 p.m., the second being a Candlelight Communion Service, and one Christmas Day service at 9:30 a.m.


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