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Caroling with Girl Scouts

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December 19

On Tuesday night, I followed a group caroling along Ridge Road and Plateau Place in Old Greenbelt. On Wednesday night, I went caroling again, this time with a girl scout troop along Woodland Way and Northway.

Five members of Girl Scout Troop 5859 gather at the Greenbelt Community Church where they meet every Wednesday night.

They start on Forest Way behind the Community Church, stopping by houses with lights on. This is one of ten Parkbelt houses on Forest Way.

Naomi waves to me.

Naomi knocks on a door on Woodland Way.

The groups sings one song at each stop.

Karen Yoho (left), Troop 5859’s leader, greets the residents.

The group walks east on Woodland Way and stops by one of five prefabricated, freestanding GHI homes on Woodland Way.

The host hands out cookies to scouts.

Another rare GHI single-family home on Woodland Way

This house on Woodland Way has been decorated for the holiday season.

The scouts stop by and sing a carol.

A house on Hillside Road

More cookies for scouts

The scouts are invited into a GHI house to sing in the living room.

The group walks west on Northway.

Following their song, the scouts say in unison: “Happy Holidays from Girl Scout Troop 5859.”

A resident takes a photo of the caroling group.

More cookies

The final stop is on Hillside Road, by the Community Church.

Greenbelt Girl Scout Troop 5859 members are from left Viola, Elizabeth, Naomi, Jenny, and Mary Alyce. With them are Karen Yoho (right), troop leader, and Michelle Spezzacatena, troop co leader.

Karen Yoho tells me that this troop started caroling in 2008 when they were Brownies. Each year they go to a different part of the town, and one year they stopped by Domino’s Pizza to sing and received a free pizza. She also reminds me that the annual Girl Scout Cookie Sale will begin on December 21 and the troop will be raising money for a trip to Savannah (to see Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace no doubt) in 2014.


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