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Camp Fire Art Class

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November 10

Founded in 1910, Camp Fire is a national youth organization offering many activities for both boys and girls. The group’s Patuxent Area Council offices are located in a townhome at Franklin Park Apartments in Greenbelt West, and on a recent Saturday morning I photographed an art class there.

The Camp Fire offices are at 9176 Springhill Lane.

Barbara Simon (end of table) is teaching a block printing class today, and students are using pencils to draw on Styrofoam blocks.

Two mothers participate in the workshop as well.

Ema puts on an apron with the help of Cuetta Jackson, a member of the Camp Fire staff.

Printmaking ink is available in several colors.

Almaury gets ink from a container.

She places the ink on a plastic board.

The next step is to select a piece of paper.

Ink is then applied to the Styrofoam block using a brayer.

Spoons are used to press the paper onto the inked block.

The paper is then peeled off from the block, and the pattern drawn with pencil previously stays white.

With the help of Barbara Simon, Lela uses a brayer to apply ink to her block.

Another block print is ready.

Simon helps Charles with her print.

Ema presses on her next print.

A green snowman

Almaury shows her print.

A few finished prints are left on the floor to dry.

Lela’s black sun is ready.

She washes the black ink off at the kitchen sink.

This block is ready for the next printing process.

Audrey prepares yellow ink.

Lela uses a brayer to color the center part of the block.

Then a circle of red

Blue is applied to the outside.

The block is ready.

Lela selects a piece of blue paper.

She uses spoons to press the paper onto the block.

She also uses her fists.

Simon helps Lela.

Simon points out some uneven ink.

Lela’s sun and Ema’s red snowman

Ema’s black snowman

Charlie signs his prints.

Ema signs her snowman series.

The workshop is from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Here Barbara Simon cleans excess ink from a brayer.

Audrey scoops up extra ink from a plastic board.

The students are, from left to right, Lela, Almaury, Charlie, Ema, and Audrey. Behind them is the instructor Barbara Simon.

Camp Fire uniforms hang in the hallway.


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