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Greenbelt 75th Anniversary Group Photo Show

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December 2

The Greenbelt 75th Anniversary Group Photo Show is on display at the New Deal Café until January 7, 2013. The show is produced by the New Deal Café and sponsored by the Greenbelt 75th Anniversary Committee and Friends of the New Deal Café Arts (FONDCA). The exhibit features 28 photographs from 12 photographers, and on Sunday, December 2, a reception was held at the café.

Poster for the group photo show inside the New Deal Café

Barbara Simon, President of Friends of the New Deal Café Arts, presents the first place award to Cynthia Cummings for her photo “Snopocalypse, Greenbelt Lake.” Simon tells that the awards are given by the Greenbelt 75th Anniversary Committee which also sponsored the café’s spring art show. On the right is Julia Wade, arts coordinator of the New Deal Café.

Nora Simon (center) wins the second place award for her photo “Poppies.” Here, the third place winner Rich Renomeron (“Brothers at the Lake”) shakes the hand of show judge Brendan Mattingly.

From left are Barbara Simon, third place winner Rich Renomeron, second place winner Nora Simon, first place winner Cynthia Cummings, and honorable mentions Lesley Olsen (“Fallen Tree in Greenbelt Park”) and Diana Srnka (“Visitor to Greenbelt East”), Julia Wade, and judge Brendan Mattingly. Joel Sage’s “Ponderous” and Jason Reblando’s “Mushroom” also win honorable mentions but they cannot be here for the reception.

Judge Brendan Mattingly tells that he runs a studio in Silver Spring but is familiar with Greenbelt. He says that he is impressed with the ways the artists captured Greenbelt in their photos.

Lesley Olsen stands between her two photos: “Fallen Tree in Greenbelt Park,” left, honorable mention, and “Perimeter Trail in Greenbelt Park.” She says that these were taken about a year ago in November. The sun was going down and she liked the light coming through the trees and illuminating the fall colors. She says that she also takes photos of birds and bike races.

Eva Choper stands in front of her photo “Sunset.” She has two others on display in the front room: “Spring Reflections” and “Autumn Reflections.” All three depict Greenbelt Lake.

Rich Renomeron stands next to his photo “Brothers at the Lake” which is the third place winner. He says that he often takes his two sons to Greenbelt Lake and they like to play with the water. It was Julia Wade, the café’s arts coordinator, who pointed out to him that the lines on his sons’ shirts mirror the lines in the lake. “It’s kind of a surreptitious find.”

Julia Wade places the third place ribbon by Rich Renomeron’s “Brothers at the Lake.”

Nora Simon stands next to her photo “Fog.” She has two other photos in the show: “Tracks” and “Poppies” (second place winner). All three were taken at Greenbelt Lake. This one was taken at 6:30 a.m. on a foggy winter day.

Cynthia Cummings stands in front of her three photos in the show: “Autumn,” “Snopocalypse,” and “Summer,” all at Greenbelt Lake. “Snopocalypse,” the first place winner, was taken after the huge snowstorm in 2010 and shows a large group of Canadian geese resting on the lake in front of trees covered with snow and ice. Cummings says that she uses a Olympus PEN camera, and when this photo was taken, she had a week off from work and had a lot of time walking around and taking photos.

Steve Skolnik stands next to his black-and-white photo “We the People #5” of one of Lenore Thomas’s friezes in front of the Greenbelt Community Center. He says that he took this photo using a Pentax K1000 film camera on Kodak Tmax 100 film. He developed the film in the Community Center’s darkroom and printed on Ilford RC Pearl paper. He then scanned the original print into computer and digitally enhanced it. This is a digital print.

On the wall on the left are Jason Reblando’s “Mushroom” (top) and Diana Srnka’s “Visitor to Greenbelt East.” Both win honorable mentions. Reblando did a series of photos of the three New Deal green belt towns and they were featured in New York Times’s lens blog.

Barbara Stevens stands under her photo “Insure Domestic Tranquility.” It shows one of Lenore Thomas’s friezes outside the Community Center, and Stevens used Photoshop to add a green color to go with her series of green paintings.

Kristin Fletcher stands next to her photo “Labor Day 2012.” It shows her stepson Daniel, a 7th grader at Greenbelt Middle School, waiting for the typhoon carnival ride to start.

Greg Myers Jazz plays during the reception.

Local artist Nancy DePlatchett’s jewelry is on display in the front room of the café. She is a 25-year resident of Greenbelt and has recently retired after working as an art teacher in Prince George’s County and a staff member at the Kennedy Center.

DePlatchett has glass caboshon necklaces and earrings on display. This one is “’Mother And Child Statue’ circle pendent with thin leather cord.” The glass is glued on a photo of the Mother and Child statue and a coating is added on the back.

Chef Maria Almeida of the New Deal Café and Julia Wade look at Nancy DePlatchett’s jewelry.

Taking in the scene at the bar is Maria Silvia Miller. She tells me that she is from Clear Lake Shores, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico and came to Greenbelt because of NASA. She says that she comes to the New Deal Café often and the small-town ambience of Greenbelt is the closest thing to home she can find.


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