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Greenbelt Mail Carrier Darrell Cherry

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November 3

On a recent Saturday, I followed one of Greenbelt’s mail carriers Darrell Cherry as he delivered mail to GHI residences on Ridge Road.

16B Ridge Road, with a 15-star, 15-stripe flag

Cherry walks along Ridge Road.

Most GHI homes have mail slots on their front door but some have separate mailboxes.

After he is finished with the masonry homes along Ridge Road, Cherry delivers to the frame homes behind.

For some rows, Cherry can walk from one home to the next, but for others, because of fences, he has to walk out to the common pathway.

Many houses have nice gardens.

Pumpkins and mums

Japanese maple

Cherry’s white US Post Office van is parked by Ridge Road.

11 Court of Ridge Road

Shopping Guide

These photos were taken on November 3, before the general election on November 6.

A resident greets Cherry outside.

Cherry gets the next batch of mail.

He locks the door of his van.

Election advertising: “No One Wins With Question 7, Except the Special Interests.” Ballot question 7 is about expanding gambling.

14 Court of Ridge Road, the frame houses

John Henry Jones greets the mail carrier Darrell Cherry from his yard.

The van is parked by a bamboo grove at 9 Ridge Road.

12 Court of Ridge Road

Tony O’Donnell is the Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in Maryland’s 5th Congressional District. (He would lose to Steny Hoyer on November 6.)

9 Court of Ridge Road

A row of GHI brick homes at 9 Ridge Road

Darrell Cherry tells me that he has worked at the Greenbelt Post Office for 16 years and has delivered mail for this particular route for 4 years. He works five days a week and another carrier does it on the sixth day. His route begins at the city offices at 25 Crescent Road, followed by the Community Center at 15 Crescent, the Greenbelt Library at 11 Crescent, and Roosevelt Center. He then starts residential delivery at 28 Ridge Road, which houses McCarl Dental Group, and follows Ridge Road to 10 Ridge, which is Mishkan Torah Synagogue. After that it is Westway, the southside of Crescent Road, and all of Southway. He starts his day sorting mail at 7:30 a.m., goes out to deliver at 10:30 a.m., and he says his route takes about five and half hours. When asked whether he likes his job, he answers that he enjoys working outdoors and meeting people. People often ask him for directions too.


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