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Last Day at the Greenbelt Farmers Market

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November 18

There will be a holiday market on December 16, but the last day of the Greenbelt Farmers Market’s regular season was on November 18, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Market master Nancy Solomon writes down today’s happenings on the blackboard: “Morris dancers, chef demo–noon, master gardeners, Mystic Water, Eco-Armour…”

Sign for Shlagel Farms from Waldorf, Maryland

Turnips and beets are $2.50/quart.

The Arlington Northwest Morris Women perform Morris dances from northwest England.

The Three Springs Fruit Farm has many varieties of apples including, from left to right, York, Idared, Rome, and Granny Smith.

Pat Hochmuth has sweet potatoes from his farm in Delmar, Maryland.

Hochmuth’s sweet potatoes are $2 per box or $5 per basket.

The turnips and white Hayman sweet potatoes are both $2 per box.

These pumpkins and squash are $2 or $3 each depending on size.

Ornamental cabbage from Thanksgiving Farms is $5 each.

Tomatoes from Pleitez Produce (Montross, Virginia) are $2.50 per pound.

Red radish, $2.50 per bunch

Cherry tomatoes, $3 per box

Potatoes, $3 per box

Calvert Farm

Candles for sale at the Calvert Farm stand

Sunrise Catering

It is a fairly warm and pleasant Sunday, a week before Thanksgiving.

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, a long line has formed in front of Ferguson Family Farm’s table.

Lynne Ferguson (right) and her son Sepp are busy handling preordered pastured turkeys. Lynne Ferguson tells me that this year her farm has 200 available and she has brought about 75 to Greenbelt today.

The turkeys weigh between 12 to 24 pounds and the price is $4.25 per pound.

The pasture raised eggs are $4.25 per dozen.

Lynne Ferguson shows egg cartons customers brought her. She says that if she has to buy new egg cartons, it will add 25 cents to the cost of a dozen eggs.

An 18.49-pound pasture-raised turkey from Ferguson Family Farm

The Arlington Northwest Morris Women

Pat Palmer from Patty’s Garden in Mardela Springs, Maryland has celery at her stand.

Pat Palmer shows a celery root.

Crepe at the Market

There is even a line for ice cream at Simple Pleasures, a few days before Thanksgiving.

Chef Rita Calvert shows how she is carving her turkey.

Calvert’s mustard sauce is $5 a bottle.

Calvert also has for sale “The Grassfed Gourmet Fires It Up” which she co-authored with Michael Heller.

Calvert is offering samples of a brined, grilled turkey with mustard butter. There are recipes to take home as well.

Zeke’s Coffee

Prince George’s County Master Gardeners

Sherri Edwards and Kelley O’klesson recommend a booklet titled “Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping.”

Janice Wolf recommends “Making the Most of Shade.”

She says that astilbe is a hardy perennial good for shady conditions.

Robert Benzinger’s Eco-Armour makes botanical insect repellent and moisturizer.

Mystic Water Soap

Kathy Labukas has bought some fennels and leeks.

Kathy Labukas runs into friend Elizabeth Gaines on a Segway.

Pat Hochmuth Farm

Emmett Jordan buys some sweet potatoes.

Market goers enjoy a sunny afternoon.

The final day of the 2012 Greenbelt Farmers Market. The special holiday market is scheduled for December 16 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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