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Scouting for Food

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November 10

Scouting for Food is an annual food drive of the Greenbelt Cub Scout Pack 202 and Boy Scout Troop 746. On a Saturday in November, the scouts distribute bags to homes in central Greenbelt, and a week later they come back to pick up the donations for a local food pantry. Non-perishable packaged food in non-glass containers are accepted. Last Saturday, I followed Cub Scout Pack 202’s Tiger Den during their door-to-door collection.

Before setting out to collect donations, Greenbelt Cub Scout Pack 202 members and parents take a group photo in front of the Greenbelt Community Church, where they meet regularly.

Last Saturday, the scouts distributed empty plastic bags to GHI townhouses and single-family homes at Lakeside, Woodland Hills and Lakewood. For the collection today, the pack is divided into four dens and each will cover an area. Here is Tiger Den, the youngest members of the pack, all in first grade.

The Tiger Den starts their collection walk with two wagons. They will cover Eastway, parts of Crescent Road, Gardenway, and Hamilton Place.

Alan pulls his red Radio Flyer wagon.

1 Eastway

Alan spots the first bag, hanging on the service side closet door.

The plastic bags are from Safeway.

Benny carries one bag over his shoulder. Some of the bags, when filled with cans, can be quite heavy.

Kellen carries a bag.

It is placed in a wagon.

Ayyub puts a bag in a wagon.

After opening a storm door, parent John spots a bag.

Benny picks it up as John tries to make sure it is a Safeway bag containing donated food.

Non-perishable food in cans and plastic containers are accepted.

This bag is a little too high for Ayyub.

Ayyub is wearing a Tiger Den uniform: blue shirt, Tiger hat, orange neckerchief, slide, and blue belt. His cousin Shuayb stands behind. Shuayb and Ayyub are neighbors and they were born one week apart.

When the wagons are full, parent Matt carries the bags to a car.

62A Crescent Road

Shuayb picks up a bag.

GHI’s inner walkways are perfect for kids pulling their wagons.

The scouts have been instructed to close the doors behind them.

Alan pulls a wagon.

A young, shoeless resident comes out with a bag for the scouts.

A donation bag next to this week’s Greenbelt News Review

Kellen picks it up.

Ayyub picks up a bag from 1G Gardenway. This house was the first house occupied in Greenbelt on September 30, 1937.

Ayyub pulls a wagon across Ridge Road. The group is headed toward Hamilton Place.

Kellen looks for bags.

Benny pulls his wagon.

5D Gardenway

5K Gardenway

The group crosses Ridge Road again and walks on the north side of Gardenway.

Member of Greenbelt Cub Scout Pack 202 Tiger Den (Ayyub, Benny, Kellen, Alan, and Shuayb) and their parents (Jonathan, Matt, John, and Omar)

The kids play a bit before going to lunch.

The Cub Scout Pack 202, Boy Scout Troop 746 and Greenbelt Community Church Youth Group picked up 1,100 cans and boxes of food this past Saturday. This year, the donations will be given to two charities: St. Hugh’s food pantry and Help by Phone. The Scouting for Food drive has been going on every November for at least twenty years.


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November 13, 2012 at 6:00 am

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  1. They missed 3 D Plateau Place, and apparently at least 2 others.

    Doug Love

    November 13, 2012 at 7:24 am

  2. Wonderful post! Thanks for going around with us, Eric. Kudos to the boys for all of their hard work!


    November 14, 2012 at 10:54 pm

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