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GHI Fall Realtors Open House

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November 3

Twice a year, the GHI houses that are for sale open their doors for a community wide open house. The event is organized by a group of local realtors and is the best opportunity to see the inside of GHI homes. At the June open house, I visited two homes and this past Saturday, during the fall open house, I went to three more.

Jeannie Smith, a realtor with Home Sales Advantage, has set up a table by Roosevelt Center. She is an organizer of today’s community wide open house and she is handing out a list of the houses that are open today. 12 houses are open from 12 to 4 p.m.

Jeannie Smith talks to two prospective buyers.

Open house sign at 1 Northway

The seller’s agent is Linda Ivy of Realty 1.

1E Northway is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, brick end unit townhouse with an upstairs study. This is the service side of the house and the closet by the door contains the trash and recycling bins. GHI rules require that trash and recycling bins are placed in a closet or a screened area at the service side of the house.

There used to be a wall separating the kitchen and the dinning area but it has been taken out. Most of the GHI homes have no basement so washers and dryers are often placed in the kitchen. The kitchen faces the service side.

The dinning area faces the garden.

Living room

A second floor bedroom. The access to the attic is in the closet.

Another second floor bedroom. Because this is an end unit, there are windows on two walls.

A small room on the second floor. Without a closet, this is called a study. Note that this house has ceiling fans in most rooms.

The bathroom is on the second floor as well.

There are four townhouses in this row. Note the snow guards on the sloping slate roof are used to protect the gutter from damage by sliding ice.

A sitting area in the garden

The current asking price for 1E Northway is $220,000, and more information can be found here. This is one of the original Greenbelt townhouses built in 1936-7. In general, brick units are more desirable than cinderblock or frame ones and end units command higher prices.

Open house signs at Ridge Road and Plateau Place

8D Plateau Place is a GHI frame unit. This is one of the so-called “defense houses” built in 1941 at the north end of Greenbelt, and they were originally for military workers as the U.S. was entering World War II. This is a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom middle unit.

The seller’s agent is Jeannie Smith of Home Sales Advantage.

The kitchen, with a stackable washer and dryer unit

Most of the GHI two-level townhomes come with one full bathroom on the second floor. The owner here has added a second full bathroom on the first floor.

The unit has a 17 ft by 18 ft addition attached to the gardenside of the house. The owner tells me that she was planning to retire in this house and built this addition five or six years ago. She has since changed her plans and is moving to be closer to her family.

Looking back at the original part of the house from the addition. The owner says that she built the addition with a closet so it can be closed off to become a bedroom. With a first floor bedroom and bathroom, a person need not use the stairs.

The second floor full bathroom

A bedroom on the second floor

The other bedroom on the second floor

The addition as seen from the garden. The current asking price for 8D Plateau Place is $159,900, and more information can be found here.

Open house sign from Century 21

2J Plateau Place is a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom frame townhouse built in 1941. It is represented by Susan Pruden of Century 21.

The kitchen

In some of the GHI frame units, the refrigerator is placed in the closet to open up more space in the kitchen.

This sink appears to be original to the house.

The living room has windows facing the woods.

The owner built these shelves to separate the dinning area from the living room. The original frame homes do not have walls here.

Shelves have also been added to the staircase.

The larger second floor bedroom

The smaller second floor bedroom

The second floor bathroom

The gardenside of the house

The fenced yard

Agent Susan Pruden in the dinning area. 2J Plateau Place is priced at $114,900, and more information can be found here.

Pruden tells me that she has seen the stop of the big slide in housing values, and GHI homes that are well taken care of and priced right sell fairly quickly. However, November is traditionally a slow time, and there are uncertainties about the impending sequestration and spending cuts that may affect many contractors in the D.C. area. She thinks that next spring, after the election is over and when the economy is better, the housing market should improve.

There are a few more houses that I want to see, especially one with central air conditioning (73J Ridge Road), a rare luxury in GHI homes; however, I started late and am by now out of time.


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