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Golden Age Club Yard Sale and Bake Sale

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September 29

The Golden Age Club is for Greenbelt seniors ages 60 and over, and the group meets every Wednesday morning from the Community Center. The club’s activities include speakers, birthday lunches, field trips, and, once a year, a yard sale and bake sale at Roosevelt Center. This year’s Golden Age Club yard sale and bake sale took place on a pleasant late September Saturday morning.

Solange Hess (left), who is a member of the Golden Age Club volunteering at the yard sale, shows a plate to a shopper.

Mayor Judith Davis donates items to the yard sale.

The cashier’s table

Working at the cashier’s table are Peg Shorter (left) and Louvain Townsend.

Dorothea Leslie and Betty Timer try to disentangle some donated necklaces.

Peggy Shorter, Dorothea Leslie and Betty Timer

Bunny Fitzgerald works behind the bake sale table.

On the left is Cathy Brannan, President of Greenbelt Golden Age Club.

Bunny Fitzgerald tells me that this year there is a friendly competition going on at the bake sale. On the left, the Scottish scones are by the club’s president Cathy Brannan, who is Scottish, and on the right, the Irish scones are by Bridget McDermott, who is Irish.

The plaque on the bench reads: “In Loving Memory: Betty J. Diest, 1927-1999.”

Dorothea Leslie and Warren Wilcox

Bunny Fitzgerald and Betty Timer look at a purse that Timer has just bought.

Solange Hess shows me a couple of items she is thinking about buying.

It says Limoges Castel, France on the back.

The plaque on this bench says: “In Loving Memory Of I. Victor Algaze, 1947-1970.”

Linda Curtis and Kseniya Shubina. Shubina is an exchange student from Siberia, Russia who is spending a year at Eleanor Roosevelt High School (11th grade). She came in July and is expected to study till next May. I ask whether she likes it here and she answers yes and says that she is working to improve her English. She also reminds me that it can be 100 degrees below zero in Siberia. Linda Curtis tells me that this is the 23rd exchange student she has hosted over the past two decades.

The Golden Age Club members volunteering at the sale pose in front of the bake sale table. From left are Bunny Fitzgerald, Dorothea Leslie, Warren Wilcox, Solange Hess, Louvain Townsend, Peg Shorter, and Bernard Robbs. (The club’s president Cathy Brannan was at the sale but went to get coffee when this photo was taken.)


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