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Miss Greenbelt Pageant Final Night

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September 2

This is the second and final night of the Miss Greenbelt Pageant. It includes the Prince and Princess Program, formal wear and public speaking competitions, and the crowning of the 2012 Little Miss, Junior Miss, and Miss Greenbelt.

This is the 6th year of the Miss Greenbelt Prince and Princess Program which is for boys and girls ages two to six.

Miss Greenbelt Pageant contestants emerge from their changing rooms in the Greenbelt Aquatic and Fitness Center.

Junior Miss Greenbelt contestants

Little Miss Greenbelt contestants

Contestants wait to go on stage.

Kristen Beauchamp was Little Miss Greenbelt in 2008.

Cynthia Quinton is a Little Miss Greenbelt contestant.

Pageant judges

Rich Lee is tonight’s host.

“Cynthia, what television character is most like you and why?”

“The television character most like me is CeCe Jones from Shake It Up, Chicago! because I think she is a great dancer and so am I.”

Ashley Wickline

Junior Miss Greenbelt 2011 Sarah Crank

“Carmen, do you believe that the Olympics are important and why?”

“I do believe the Olympics are important because this is a great opportunity for different countries all over the world to have a fair and equal chance to compete against each other and it’s a great way for people to meet new people and for talented and skilled people to be able to show the world what they got.”

“Caroline, if you could only have four senses, which one would you be willing to live without and why?”

“If I could have only four senses, I would live without taste because I would love to see the colors in the world, and smell the flowers, and being able to touch my dog and pat her. I would live without taste because everything I don’t like that’s healthy for you, I could eat without a problem.”

Nyah Clay

Autumn Williams

Sarah Larkin

Krissy Beauchamp holds flowers for pageant winners.

Miss Greenbelt 2008 Gabrielle Laxamana holds the sashes.

Autumn Williams and Carmen Borgia wait for the results in the Aquatic and Fitness Center.

Little Miss Greenbelt Yasmyn Switzer gives her farewell speech. “I’m so sad that my year is over as Little Miss Greenbelt 2011. So to the next Little, Junior, and Miss Greenbelt, make sure to enjoy every moment of the next year.”

Cynthia Quinton wins the fundraiser award.

Ashley Wickline is Miss Congeniality. This award was voted on by the contestants.

Starr Cunningham is Most Spirited (another award voted on by the contestants) and Fourth Runner Up.

Jade Labbe is Third Runner Up.

Cynthia Quinton is First Runner Up.

The 2012 Little Miss Greenbelt is Ashley Wickline.

Hannah Blythe wins the 5th Annual Tessa Osborne Junior Miss Greenbelt Pageant Award. 18-year-old Greenbelter Tessa Osborne was murdered on May 1, 2001, and this scholarship was created by Osborne’s family in her memory. Standing on the right is one of Osborne’s cousins.

2012 Junior Miss Greenbelt Sarah Crank gives her farewell speech. She says that her favorite event this year was planting trees on Earth Day.

Autumn Williams is Miss Photogenic.

Caroline Casey is Miss Congeniality.

Chayil Green is Most Spirited.

Nyah Clay is Third Runner Up.

Chayil Green is Second Runner Up.

Autumn Williams is First Runner Up.

Junior Miss Greenbelt 2012 is Caroline Casey.

Kenny Voigt, the Labor Day Committee’s sound and staging person, is recognized for his 48 years of service to the Labor Day Festival and the Miss Greenbelt Pageant.

Miss Greenbelt contestants hold their hands.

2011 Miss Greenbelt Victoria Gray is emotional during her farewell speech. She says that she enjoyed making wreaths in December and planting trees in April but her favorite event overall was welcoming troops home at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. She also raised $1,000 for the American Diabetes Association which she chose as her charity because several of her family members have diabetes. “I thank the city for all the memories it has given me this year.”

2011 Miss Greenbelt Victoria Gray waves on stage.

Veronica Handunge is Miss Photogenic.

Sarah Larkin is Miss Congeniality.

Molly Jankowski is Most Spirited.

Parvathy Rethakumar wins the $200 Top Scholar Award with the highest GPA (4.286).

Parvathy Rethakumar is Fourth Runner Up.

Molly Jankowski is Third Runner Up.

Summer Moore is Second Runner Up.

Sarah Larkin is First Runner Up.

Miss Greenbelt 2012 is Veronica Handunge.

Miss Greenbelt 2012 Veronica Handunge

Miss Greenbelt 2011 Victoria Gray

Miss Greenbelt 2012 Veronica Handunge and Miss Greenbelt 2011 Victoria Gray

Miss Greenbelt 2012 Veronica Handunge is being congratulated by First Runner Up Sarah Larkin.

Miss Greenbelt 2012 with her parents

Autumn Williams is Junior Miss Greenbelt First Runner Up.

From left are Junior Miss Greenbelt 2012 Caroline Casey, Little Miss Greenbelt 2012 Ashley Wickline and Little Miss Greenbelt 2011 Yasmyn Switzer.

Ashley and Allison Wickline and their family members


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  1. These are wonderful! You really captured the spirit of the pageant. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures of my daughter, Sarah.

    Mary Larkin

    September 25, 2012 at 4:17 pm

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