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Greenbelt Blues Festival

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September 15

The 9th Annual Greenbelt Blues Festival took place at Roosevelt Center on a perfect September Saturday afternoon. The festival was sponsored by Friends of the New Deal Café Arts and featured ten bands playing from 1 to 11 p.m., first outside and then inside the café after dark.

T-shirts for the 9th Annual Greenbelt Blues Festival are $15 each.

At the festival’s information table are Chris and Barbara Logan. Chris Logan is the treasurer of Friends of New Deal Café Arts (FONDCA) which sponsors two annual all-day music festivals at Roosevelt Center: Crazy Quilt Music Festival in the spring and Greenbelt Blues Festival in the fall.

On the back of the t-shirt are the names of the bands that play today.

Paul Mastradone (right, band leader) and Robert Frahm play with the Paulverizers band.

Barbara Logan

Paul Mastradone

Robert Frahm

A bucket is brought around by a volunteer. Musicians play for tips.

Chrissy Wilkins is with the Baltimore Hoop School.

The New Deal Café’s outdoor seats are highly sought after this afternoon.

Jessi Britton and her two Lucky dogs stand by the Greenbelt Co-op.

A child climbs up the Mother and Child statue.

Karl Grotke is a photographer taking photos at the festival.

Colette Zanin (right) has handmade jewelry for sale.

Kevin Robinson and his KERQ band play on stage. KERQ stands for Kevin E. Robinson Quartet.

Gerard de Valroger

Chrissy Wilkins

Luisa Robles is wearing the Mexican national colors in celebration of Mexican Independence Day (September 16).

Amethyst Dwyer

Kevin Robinson steps off the stage, much to the delight of the crowd.


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