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Labor Day Festival: Friday Highlights

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August 31

The Labor Day Festival, Greenbelt’s largest annual event, opened on Friday. Here are some highlights, with a lot more photos to come.

Even before the opening ceremony, the table tennis tournament gets under way at 5 p.m. in the Greenbelt Youth Center. Here is Bob Auerbach who will be 93 in a couple of months, is a GHI member, and is the Green Party’s nominee for Maryland’s 5th Congressional District (the incumbent is Steny Hoyer).

About twenty thousand books have been donated to the Greenbelt Elementary School PTA’s book sale, held outside the New Deal Café. Hardback books are $2 each and paperbacks are $1 each.

City Councilmembers gather on stage for the opening ceremony.

John Henry Jones is named this year’s Outstanding Citizen.

Contestants for the Miss Greenbelt Pageant are introduced. This is the opening night of the pageant.

At the Greenbelt Animal Control booth, 13-year-old Papillon Samantha kisses 12-year-old Diego Araiza, as Ethel Dutky (left) and Jessica Silver (11) look on.

A group of friends enjoys the fair.


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