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New Greenbelt Middle School Opens

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August 20

When first residents moved into Greenbelt in 1937, students attended classes at the Center School (the present day Greenbelt Community Center). Shortly after, in the fall of 1938, a new high school opened in the west part of the town, at Edmonston Road and Greenbelt Road. When Eleanor Roosevelt High School opened in 1976 in Greenbelt East, that old high school became Greenbelt Middle School. For many years, there have been plans to build a new Greenbelt Middle School building. Finally, on August 20, when Prince George’s County Public Schools opened their doors for the new school year, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to open the new $56-million Greenbelt Middle School.

The new Greenbelt Middle School is on Breezewood Drive, just northwest of the old Middle School. Here a sign says “Welcome Back Students.”

The podium and flags are ready for the ribbon cutting.

The $56-million new Greenbelt Middle School is certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold. More than one thousand students from grades 6 to 8 will attend the new school on opening day.

GMS Principal Warren Tweedy (second from left) chats with Greenbelt City Councilmember Leta Mach (left), County Councilmember Ingrid Turner (second from right), and Mayor Judith Davis.

Three mothers of GMS 7th graders are from left Anne Gardner, Lucy Dirksen, and Melissa Sites. Gardner is also the PTA president.

County Councilmember Ingrid Turner shakes the hand of a student.

From left are County Councilmember Ingrid Turner, County School Board member Peggy Higgins, and State Delegate Anne Healey

GMS Principal Warren Tweedy speaks.

School Board member Peggy Higgins who represents Greenbelt speaks: “Of course, we are here to celebrate the beautiful building but we also want to celebrate and are celebrating the beautiful work that is going into educating our children.” She says that in the last two years, Greenbelt Middle School has a 15 percent gain in math and 4 to 9 percent gain in reading.

County Councilmember Ingrid Turner who represents Greenbelt is introduced.

State Delegate Anne Healey

State Delegate Tawanna Gaines

Greenbelt Mayor Judith Davis

Greenbelt City Councilmember Leta Mach. Councilmembers Konrad Herling and Ed Putens are also introduced.

Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo. At the right edge, wearing a blue suit is Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Lillian Lowery.

County Board of Education Chair Verjeana Jacobs

County Board of Education member Patricia Eubanks

County Board of Education Chair Verjeana Jacobs speaks.

County School Superintendent William Hite: “Good morning. I’m William Hite, still the superintendent here.” Hite recently resigned to become Philadelphia’s School Superintendent; his last day is September 30. “I’m thrilled to be here this morning.”

GMS Principal Warren Tweedy and a sixth grader cut the ribbon.

Sixth graders in green uniforms enter Greenbelt Middle School.

On the left, greeting parents and students at the door is Maria Robles, treasurer of GMS PTA.

County Councilmember Ingrid Turner hands out a pencil to an eighth grader in a black uniform.

School Board members Peggy Higgins and Verjeana Jacobs greet a 6th grader.

Greenbelt Mayor Pro Tem Emmett Jordan stands next to Ingrid Turner.

From left are Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo, County School Board members Verjeana Jacobs and Patricia Eubanks, County Councilmember Ingrid Turner, and Mayor Pro Tem Emmett Jordan

The first school bus arrives at GMS at 8:03 a.m.

The first bus is greeted by Superintendent William Hite and a Washington Post photographer (Sarah L. Voisin).

The first school bus pulls out of the new Greenbelt Middle School.

Is that Bob Ryan from ABC7 interviewing a student?

Parents and students walk across Breezewood Drive to go to GMS on opening day.

Another news crew

A group of 7th graders has just got out of the bus.

Several satellite TV trucks are parked in front of Greenbelt Middle School.


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  1. this school is really beautiful


    March 5, 2013 at 5:28 pm

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