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National Night Out: Hunting Ridge and Old Greenbelt

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August 7

The last two National Night Out gatherings I visited were at Hunting Ridge Condominiums in Greenbelt East and Roosevelt Center in Old Greenbelt.

Hunting Ridge is a 362-unit condominium community in Greenbelt East, between Capital Beltway in the west, Hanover Parkway in the east, Hanover Apartments in the north, and Green Lake Village in the south. The buildings were completed in 1974 and house 1, 2, and 3-bedroom condominiums. The community was originally outside the city boundary, but in 1984, it petitioned to become part of Greenbelt and was annexed. The hunting horn featured on this sign, at the entrance by Hanover Parkway, is the community’s emblem.

Cathy Knepper, in “Greenbelt, Maryland: A Living Legacy of the New Deal,” describes the annexation: “In 1984 Greenbelt residents experienced something new, which reflected the changing image of their town: the desire of people to join the city. The Hunting Ridge Condominium Association sough annexation to Greenbelt ‘to enhance the prospect for high-quality, low-density development in the area around Hunting Ridge.’ The city annexed this area, south of the city limits next to the Beltway, along with Greenway Plaza Shopping Center and the Maryland Trade Center. The desire for this action by Hunting Ridge residents showed their belief in the statement by the city manager, James Giese: ‘By the ‘80s, the city had a great deal of influence over planning and zoning, political influence.’ This marked a dramatic turnaround from the situation twenty years earlier.”

In the ‘60s, zoning was decided at the county level, and the city battled developers, most notably Charles Bresler, who wanted higher-density developments.

Sign for National Night Out: “Free Kona Ice”

Kona Ice is a one of a kind experience that serves a premium tropical shaved ice; the finest icy treat on the planet. This is NOT your typical lack-luster snow cone. Our flavors are bold & delicious… like nothing you’ve ever had!”

The truck features a penguin named Kona, two porpoises named Splish and Splash, a macaw parrot named Squawksworth, and a crustacean named Crabby.

Greenbelt Police Officer Kelly Lawson arrives with McGruff the Crime Dog.

McGruff high-fives a Hunting Ridge resident in front of the community’s club house with a swimming pool behind the doors.

Judy (age 4.5) gives McGruff a high five.

Francisco Gomez is the treasurer of Hunting Ridge’s Board of Directors.

Gena Wilson, Francisco Gomez, and Franky Junta-Reese.

McGruff the Crime Dog poses with Kona the Penguin.

The Kona ice flavors are Tiger’s Blood, Lemon-Lime-a-Licious, Blue Raspberry, Wild Watermelon, Groovy Grape, Strawberry Fresh, Tropi-Kona, Very Cherry, Orange Sunshine, and Pina Colada. The Board of Directors decided to pay for the Kona truck so the shaved ice is free to National Night Out party-goers.

From left are Francisco Gomez (treasurer), Gloria Wright (board member), Marcia Cain (vice president), Jacqui Waters (president), and Tammy Tropp.

From left, Miriam (8), Ruth (2), Mayra (16), and Betty Larios and Michael Marcelino, enjoy shaved ice and an ice pop.

At Roosevelt Center, members of Old Greenbelt Neighborhood Watch set up a tent. Here are from left Officer Jason Cressman, Councilmember Ed Putens, John Henry Jones, and Captain Carl Schinner, Commander, Patrol Division.

Harris Maclay, a member of Old Greenbelt Neighborhood Watch, with John Henry and Elaine Jones

Bridget Cornett towers above everybody else at Roosevelt Center Mall.

Stilt walker Bridget Cornett rests on her father Bill Cornett’s head, as Captain Carl Schinner looks on. Another member of Old Greenbelt Neighborhood Watch, Bill Cornett is also a photographer whose has documented Greenbelt for decades.

Councilmembers Ed Putens, Silke Pope, Leta Mach and Chief of Police James Craze.

From left are Anne Meglis, Laura Kressler, and Nancy Kressler, all members of Old Greenbelt Neighborhood Watch. They are giving out Rita’s Italian ice and snacks.

Glenn Harris, another member of OGNW, poses with Captain Carl Schinner and Councilmember Rodney Roberts.

Stilt walker Bridget Cornett tries a few tricks. She says that she learned them from Greg May who has been teaching circus skills to Greenbelt children at the Recreation Department’s spring and summer camps. Cornett is also a coordinator for this summer’s circus camp, and she tells me that the campers will give several shows this weekend.

Glenn Harris folds a banner as this National Night Out event wraps up at 9 p.m.


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