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National Night Out: Greenbriar and Green Lake Village

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August 7

Of the eight National Night Out neighborhood parties, one is in Greenbelt West, two in Greenbelt Center, and the remaining five are in Greenbelt East. These photos are from Greenbriar and Green Lake Village in Greenbelt East.

Sign for Greenbriar’s National Night Out event in the median of Hanover Parkway between Eleanor Roosevelt High School and Greenbriar Condominiums

Greenbriar Condominiums is a 729-unit community, built in 1974 and located in Greenbelt, MD. It is separated into three phases, each with their own Board of Directors, who are elected members of the community. Phase I has 253 units, Phase II has 236 units and Phase III has 240 units. Greenbriar Community Association is run by their own Board of Directors, who govern the community’s amenities. The Boards are responsible for setting policies and giving all direction for the operation of the property to the Management Agent, who acts as a staff for the Board of Directors.”

Greenbriar Condominiums is located between Hanover Parkway and Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Tonight’s NNO event takes place at the parking lot by Spellman Overpass which is named after Congresswoman Gladys Noon Spellman (1918-1988, whose seat is currently occupied by Steny Hoyer) and connects Greenbelt East with Old Greenbelt over Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

From left are State Senator Paul Pinsky, Delegate Anne Healey, Mayor Pro Tem Emmett Jordan, Mayor Davis, and Sergeant Marie Triesky.

Herb Wyche, a Greenbriar resident and a member of the city’s Public Safety Advisory Committee, reads aloud a winning raffle number.

Here is the winner.

The winner receives a $25 gift card to the Greenbelt Co-op.

Herb Wyche draws another number.

Another excited winner

Another winning ticket

And another

Councilmember Ed Putens draws a number. All seven City Councilmembers are going from one National Night Out gathering to another.

The number is…

Putens hugs the lucky winner.

From left are Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department’s Captain Tony Sluder, Lieutenant Andy Moffitt, Firefighter Nick Lasick, Firefighter Cecelia Bell, and Lieutenant Auggie Garcia, and kneeling is Probationary Firefighter Rebecca Hunter.

Jacquelyn Hair and her 4-year-old Yorkie Princess

Roosevelt High School football players grab a few hot dogs after practice. They tell me that their first game of the season will be on September 1.

Postcards from County Councilwoman Ingrid Turner

From left are Greenbriar Community Association’s Angeline Butler, County Councilwoman Ingrid Turner in a Washington Nationals uniform, and Greenbelt Chief of Police James Craze. The Washington Nationals currently has the best record in Major League Baseball.

About a mile south on Hanover Parkway, on the other side of Schrom Hills Park is Green Lake Village, a development of townhouses and condominium apartments, which started construction in 1996. This is one of Greenbelt’s last housing developments and the first gated community. Here is Green Lake Village’s manor house, a club house for residents with a pool on the other side.

From left are Dorothy Williams, Paula Abney, Pat McCoy, Amanda Metzel, and Alice Ferguson. McCoy and Metzel are on the Board of Directors of Greenbelt Lake Village and are today’s NNO organizers, and Williams and Abney are block captains. They have a number of handouts, from Emergency Financial First Aid Kit to Fire Safety Tips and Prevent Serious Poisonings in Seniors.

On this table are handouts with titles such as Burglary Prevention, Prevent Auto Theft, ad Personal Safety.

Resident Shawn Hintz picks up a cheeseburger.

Chatting in the air conditioned manor house. This is the only Greenbelt NNO held indoors.

McGruff the Crime Dog and Officer Kelly Lawson make their entrance.

Everybody is smiling.

McGruff’s ride is parked in front of Green Lake Village’s manor house.

D.A.R.E stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. This is a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria with an airbrushed mural of Daren the Lion, a mascot for D.A.R.E.

My final two National Night Out stops are Hunting Ridge and Roosevelt Center.


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