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National Night Out: Greenbelt West and Belle Point

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August 7

There were eight National Night Out parties in Greenbelt this year at eight different neighborhoods. These photos are from Greenbelt West and Belle Point.

A U.S. Park Police helicopter is at the parking lot between Beltway Plaza Mall and Franklin Park Apartments.

From left, Zahria (4) and Zion Moore (12), Ashaunda (8) and Marcus (12) Ingraham sit in the helicopter. The Ingrahams are the Moores’ mother’s god children.

The peace sign

Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department’s George Moore and Robert Tripe arrives in the department’s 1935 Ford Howe pumper.

George Moore shows me a binder which includes photographs and a history of this antique fire engine. It was Greenbelt’s first fire truck and was purchased by the federal government in 1936 when it owned Greenbelt.

The truck was given away and fell into disrepair. A few years ago, the fire department got it back and held fundraisers to restore it to its present immaculate condition.

An older photo showing the fire truck in a parade

Unique Everett (11) sits in Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department’s 1935 Ford Howe pumper.

A musical chairs game has just started.

A scramble to find a seat after music has stopped

A contestant goes out smiling.

Music starts again.

There is a chair right next to you!

The contestants continue to circle the chairs.

Hey, you with the balloon. You are out.

The final two contestants walk cautiously.

The prize is displayed behind them.

We have a winner.

Dorthy Cayard of Laugh Out Loud Stations presents the musical chairs winner with a gift certificate, “redeemable for one free wristband.” Laugh Out Loud Stations is located inside Beltway Plaza Mall and offers rides, games, and food.

Joey Williams, who works for Silver Diner, makes balloon animals.

McGruff the Crime Dog arrives with Officer Kelly Lawson of the Greenbelt Police Department. McGruff is a cartoon bloodhound invented by the National Crime Prevention Council to raise awareness for crime. The character wears a trench coat and is associated with the motto “Take A Bite Out of Crime.”

McGruff the Crime Dog mingles with the crowd.

McGruff poses with Amir Reeves (4, left) and Joseph Rodas (5).

A crowd gathers to watch the U.S. Park Police helicopter take off.

It makes a turn…

And then flies back directly over the crowd.

Daryl Pennington from Congressman Steny Hoyer’s office speaks on behalf of the congressman. Her office is in the U.S. District Court building on Cherrywood Lane, not far from here.

From left are Officer Kelly Lawson, McGruff the Crime Dog, Daryl Pennington of Congressman Hoyer’s office, Finis Calhoun, a property manager at Franklin Park Apartments, Michael Ross, Chief of Security at Quantum Companies which runs Beltway Plaza Mall, and Edward Holland, Greenbelt Police’s Franklin Park community officer.

A letter from Congressman Steny Hoyer: “Dear Friends of Franklin Park, It is a pleasure to send my warm congratulations and thanks to each of you on your participation in tonight’s 29th Annual National Night Out event….”

From left are Daryl Pennington, Greenbelt City Councilmember Leta Mach, and Finis Calhoun.

Ronald Barbour, grounds manager at Franklin Park, grills hot dogs.

Two Franklin Park employees hand out free hot dogs.

The snow cone is $1.

Belle Point is a 97-unit townhouse complex completed in 1992 and is located behind the American Legion building, between Charlestowne Village Condominiums and the Capital Beltway. This is the entrance to the community at Lakecrest Drive and Vanity Fair Drive, decorated with begonias and river birches.

Councilmember Silke Pope, a Belle Point resident, is the coordinator of the community’s National Night Out event. Here she welcomes Greenbelt Police Captain Thomas Kemp, Commander, Special Operations Division.

Greenbelt’s Police Department has 54 sworn officers and 15 support personnel. It is headed by Police Chief James Craze with 3 captains, 2 lieutenants, 6 sergeants, 9 corporals, and 33 officers.

Councilmember Ed Putens tries to kiss Silke Pope’s granddaughter Sofia who was born about this time last year.

Silke Pope grew up in Germany and is a naturalized American citizen. She has German sausages for National Night Out.

From left are Councilmember Ed Putens, Captain Thomas Kemp, Melanie, Sofia (1), and Councilmember Silke Pope, and Mark Bassett. Bassett and the Popes are Belle Point residents.

Next up are Greenbriar and Green Lake Village.


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