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Greenbelt Access TV Nonprofit Day

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July 21

The announcement in the July 19, 2012 Greenbelt News Review reads: “GATE Has Nonprofit Day for Taping PSAs. The Greenbelt Access Television (GATE) studio will hold a nonprofit day Saturday, July 21 from 10 a.m. to noon to allow Greenbelt-based nonprofit organizations to present a 30-second public service announcement. On a first-come, first-served basis the PSAs will be taped and edited for showing between programs on the GATE Channels, Comcast 77 and Verizon Fios 19.”

Malia Murray, Executive Director of GATE, looks over the shoulder of Scott Candey, a production assistant, in GATE’s studio on the second floor of the Greenbelt Community Center. Candey will be a freshman at Eleanor Roosevelt High School this fall. Behind them, working at a computer is George Kochell, production manager and animation instructor.

Kjell Forsting was a native of Sweden and GATE’s first executive director from April 1997 to October 1998. The GATE studio in the Community Center is named after him.

The Utopia Film Festival started in 2005 and takes place annually in Old Greenbelt. GATE has been a sponsor of the festival. At right Alan Haley is a member of GATE’s Board of Directors and an animator.

Members of Greenbelt Boy Scout Troop 746 come to the GATE studio to tape a public service announcement. From left are Eldo Brown, a troop leader, and Kristopher Weene, a 1st class scout. Brown explains that the troop wants to recruit new members. He wants Kris to tell about his summer camp and then make an appeal. The troop has just returned from Broad Creek Camp at Maryland and Pennsylvania border.

As Eldo Brown outlines the announcement, production assistant Scott Candey types it up for the teleprompter.

Kris Weene’s sister Alyssa and father Seth look on.

Malia Murray gives some suggestions. It is decided that Eldo Brown will introduce Kris and then step out and let Kris talk about camp. There is a discussion about how to finish with a strong slogan. They come up with “Soar with the eagle,” “Come camp with us,” “Come hike with us,” “Come learn with us,” and Brown jokes about “Come party with us.” Finally, Alan Haley’s suggestion “Come for the adventure!” is agreed upon.

Brown writes down names and contact phone numbers to be displayed on screen.

Malia Murray pins the 746 troop badge on Kris Weene’s shirt sleeve.

The microphone is attached.

Eldo Brown puts on his microphone.

Scott Candey adjusts the camera which has an Autoscript teleprompter attached. The text is also displayed on a monitor on top of a cabinet.

Murray adjusts the sound level of the microphones as Candey and Haley check the text on the monitor.

Murray checks Brown’s microphone.

To start, the camera is focused on Brown and Weene.

Murray counts down: five, four, three, two, one. The last three numbers are silent.

“Hi, I’m Eldo Brown. I’m a scout leader with Troop 746. Our troop just came back from summer camp, and I have Kris Weene right here and he is going to tell us about his scouting adventure. Go ahead Kris.”

As Brown steps back, Murray adjusts the camera to center on Weene.

“Summer camp was really fun for me. I met lots of friends there. I met other scouts. The staff was great, the food was great, and I took four requirements. The four requirements that I took were all eagle. The first one I took was communication. Basically it’s actually what it says. You just communicate and do anything you can. You can talk, you can write, you can send messages, as long as it’s communication. Then I took swimming. Swimming was fun. You basically swim six laps. It’s the main part. Then you have to make a PFD. A PFD is a personal floatation device. We had to use a button-down shirt and a pair of jeans for that. Then I took emergency preparedness. It’s basically, if you were in a crisis, you know what to do. If you are in a blizzard and you do not know what to bring, you should bring, like, water, canned food, and radio so you can call help. Then I went to environmental science. It’s basically telling everything about mammals, animals, amphibians, and reptiles. You make an evaluation and then you make the difference between the two spots you evaluated. Then one of our main projects were talking about an endangered species and how we can help it. The food there was great. My favorite food there was the chicken nuggets.”

Brown: “Kris, what rank are you? What position are you in the troop?”

Weene: “Currently I am first class. After camp, I am all set for star. I just need a couple more stuff so I’ll be star soon. And I am SPL. SPL stands for senior patrol leader. That’s a lot of work. You basically plan all the meetings.”

What did you like at summer camp? What did you enjoy?

I like how the staff was always so nice. They always hung out with you. My favorite staff person was Jeremy. He was the best.

Did you meet any new boys there?

Yes, I met lots of friends. Basically all the friends I made were from different troops. Some of the troops were very nice.

How was the food there?

Normally I don’t like tacos but their tacos were great.

How about the swimming pool?

The swimming pool was always great. They had lifeguards looking at you the whole entire time so nothing will go wrong. Even though the chlorine will hurt the frogs, they always play with them. They always keep them safe.

We had some special times at night, right?

Yeah. We had two troop swims. Our first one went great. It was nine to ten. There was no rain. But our second one had a thunderstorm so we had to get out. We only swam for 20 minutes.

Brown rejoins the scene: “Sounds really good Kris. We are looking for some new scouts to join our troop. After our summer break, this troop will start up again Wednesday the 15th. At 7:30, we meet at Mowatt Methodist Church. We’d like to have you guys come to our meetings. We are looking for boys that age 10 and a half to 17 and who would like to sign up for some scouting adventures. You can come and join us at our Labor Day Booth and get information. You can contact me at 301-XXX-XXXX or our scoutmaster Lenny Wertz at 301-XXX-XXXX. Come for the adventure!”

Brown accidentally skipped the month in which the troop is supposed to meet next–August. So he repeats the last paragraph.

The final slogan “Come for the adventure!” has to be said several times.

Boy Scout Troop 746 is the only group today. It is noon and GATE staff puts away equipment.

The glass is from the teleprompter.

The camera is JVC KY-19.

Haley puts away the teleprompter.

Murray rolls the camera to a corner of the studio. GATE has only two studio rooms. Because this room is also used as a classroom, the equipment has to be taken apart and safely stored after each shoot.

GATE’s VHS movie collection

This year’s Utopia Film Festival will be held from October 18 to 21.

GATE’s nonprofit day is held once a month on a Saturday morning from 10 a.m. to noon. Greenbelt-based nonprofit organizations can tape a 30-second to 1-minute public service announcement to be shown between programs on the GATE channels. GATE is a nonprofit “developed to bring public access to the Greenbelt area.” Its charter was established in 1986.


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