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Treasure Island Movie Showing

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July 21

As part of this year’s 75th anniversary celebration, several movie showings have been scheduled at various sections of the city. On February 10, Three Brave Men was shown in the Greenbelt Community Center. On May 23, Grapes of Wrath was shown at Greenbriar Community Building in Greenbelt East. This past Saturday, it was Treasure Island at Springhill Lake Recreation Center in Greenbelt West. The announcement reads: “The Greenbelt 75th Anniversary Committee invites you to enjoy this 1950 Disney version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure story (1883) of piracy, a treasure map, sword fights, sea voyages, and youthful heroism features the flamboyant, one-legged anti-hero Long John Silver.”

Various editions of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island are displayed on a table in Springhill Lake Recreation Center’s multipurpose room, along with a pirate tricorn hat. The one that is standing up contains illustrations by the famed artist N.C. Wyeth and is considered a masterpiece among illustrated books.

Brenda Cooley, a member of the 75th Anniversary Committee, speaks to a family before the showing.

Barbara Havekost, another member of the 75th Anniversary Committee, brings film viewers popcorn which was made freshly in the recreation center’s kitchen.

Jim Link introduces “Treasure Island.” He says that the story is narrated by a young Jim Hawkins and he asks people to pay special attention to the character of Long John Silver, an unconventional pirate.

Jim Link hands out copies of Treasure Island to children and parents in attendance.

Jaidin (age 4) enjoys her popcorn.

Long John Silver and the young Jim Hawkins. Long John Silver is a one-legged pirate who walks with the help of a crutch and is often seen with a parrot on his shoulder. Jim Hawkins is the narrator and protagnist of this coming-of-age story. The two of them have a fairly complex and interesting relationship that is unusual for children’s literature.

Alyssa (left, age 5) and Jaidin (4) enjoy their popcorn while watching the movie.

Barbara Havekost refills two film-goers’ cups with more popcorn.

Long John Silver, played superbly by Robert Newton, is a memorable character in the world of literature.

The story, particularly the ending, is quite gripping.

Alyssa and Jaidin look through their books.

Jim Link tells me that this film, released in 1950, was Disney’s first complete live action film. He says that the 75th Anniversary Committee wanted to show films at all three parts of the city and they thought that an adventure story would appeal to the young audience at Greenbelt West. The final film in the 75th anniversary film series Ragtime will be shown in the Community Center on November 9.


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  1. Great fun for all! Bet J.L. spurred interest in this story and in reading in general.

    Kathie Jarva

    July 23, 2012 at 9:27 am

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