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A photo blog about Greenbelt, Maryland in its 75th anniversary year

Greenbelt Welcome Packets

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July 12

New residents moving into Greenbelt receive welcome packets from their homeowner associations or apartments. These packets include a Welcome to Greenbelt handbook and various handouts from city departments and local organizations. The packets are put together by the city’s Public Information and Communications Coordinator Beverly Palau with the help of volunteers.

In the June 28 issue of the Greenbelt News Review, in the City Information section is this announcement: “Five hundred welcome packets will be assembled on July 12th at 6pm at the Greenbelt Municipal Building. Volunteers needed to help. If you would like to include your pamphlets, coupons, etc. in these packets, please bring them to the Greenbelt Municipal Building, 25 Crescent Road by July 9th.”

Judy Briskman goes through welcome packets from last year and recycles outdated handouts. Materials that are not time sensitive will be repackaged tonight.

Kayode Lewis, Recreation Coordinator, brings Beverly Palau a box of postcards from the Recreation Department. They announce summer activities organized by the department and include web addresses for recreation and camp brochures. Tonight’s work takes place in the City Council chamber in the Municipal Building.

Joan Marionni assembles postcards, flyers, and brochures.

Handouts from the Greenbelt Museum: “Discover the New Deal Legacy of Greenbelt, Maryland”

Calendars of events from the 75th Anniversary Committee

Dorrie Bates (left) joins Joan Marionni.

Postcards from the Greenbelt Farmers Market

Postcards from St. George’s Episcopal Church in Glenn Dale, Maryland

Checklists from Maryland Emergency Management Agency

Sorted materials ready to go into bags

Mayor Judith Davis (left) and Annamarie Shrader, Public Information Assistant, fold pamphlets from Greenbelt Assistance in Living Program (GAIL).

Door hangers from Maryland Christian Fellowship Community Church which meets on Sundays in Hampton Inn in College Park

Greenbelt Assistance in Living Program (GAIL) and Greenbelt Community Foundation

Public Information Assistant Jennifer Sterling takes out Welcome to Greenbelt booklets from a box.

These Welcome to Greenbelt booklets are compiled by the city and contain sections on the city’s history and government, departments and services, community resources, and business in Greenbelt. Behind are Maryland Natural Hazards Preparedness Guide.

Michael Hartman, Jennifer Sterling, and Annamarie Shrader work under the watchful eyes of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

From left, Lore Rosenthal, Beverly Palau, and Judy Briskman put together more handouts on the city’s recycling program, Greenbelt Intergenerational Volunteer Exchange Service (GIVES), Greenbelt Boys and Girls Club, Greenbelt Aquatic and Fitness Center, Greenbelt Library, Greenbelt Community Center, New Deal Café, and Clean Currents, a green energy company.

A handout from the city’s recycling program on what can (green) and cannot (red) be recycled

From left are Jane Young, Lore Rosenthal, Judy Briskman, and Beverly Palau.

Beverly Palau, Barbara Havekost, and Alicia Roxas place sorted materials into reusable shopping bags, the final step in assembling these welcome packets.

Annamarie Shrader and John Lippert

Volunteers work in the City Council chamber to put together 500 welcome packets for new residents of Greenbelt.

Refreshments include cookies, crackers, cheese cubes, grapes, strawberries, and soft drinks.

Judy Briskman and Mayor Davis chat during a break.

Assembled packets are put into boxes.

These welcome packets will be given to homeowner associations and apartments which will then distribute them to new residents. New GHI residents normally receive them at the closing of their units. Volunteers assemble these packets several times a year as needed, and an announcement is usually placed in the News Review two weeks before.


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