Greenbelt in 2012

A photo blog about Greenbelt, Maryland in its 75th anniversary year

A GHI Block Party

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June 24

The 1,600 townhouses in GHI are arranged in several superblocks connected with inner pathways. Within each superblock are many courts which are several rows of homes facing each other and sharing a common area. Courts are the social units in GHI as these are the neighbors who watch each other come and go and know each other best. There are also occasional social events such as court yard sales and court cookouts. The photos below are from a GHI block party involving two courts on Ridge Road.

The invitation says: “Come and meet our new neighbors! Come and greet your old friends. Please bring a potluck dish to share, and maybe something to drink. An outdoor grill will be available…”

Playing volleyball in the common area

Food is now served.

Neighbors eat at the gardenside of the house.


A pin oak towers over this row of cinderblock houses.

Pin oak trees tower over these two-level rowhouses

Outside the fence is one of GHI’s famous inner pathways that travel inside a superblock.

Trouble is a classic race-and-chase game.

Putting away the leftovers

The folding table goes back to the storage shed.


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