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Greenbelt Yard Sales

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June 16, 17

It is a generally known fact that Greenbelters, especially those living in Old Greenbelt, love yard sales. Every weekend when the weather is nice, there will be several roadside sales. On Saturday morning, motorists entering Old Greenbelt on Southway are often greeted with several tables at the intersection of Ridge Road and Southway. This past weekend I visited four roadside yard sales, three along Ridge Road and one on Northway, and they were all different.

This weekend, St. Hugh Catholic Church is holding its annual Rummage Sale, and enterprising Greenbelters know that there will be many cars going to the sale on Ridge Road. Here Donell (left) and Angela set up their table on the south side of the road not far from the church.

Donell shows me a large collection of DVDs on sale. One for $3 and two for $4.

Donell says that he has lived at Lakeside North Apartments by the police station for 18 years. He is an interior decorator and runs “Donell Interior Design” “for the low budget.” Hearing that I am interesting in yard sales in Greenbelt, he tells me that on July 14, Lakeside North will hold its community yard sale and everybody is welcome.

Not far from Donell’s stand, on the north side of Ridge Road, Kathy (right) and her friend Carolyn have set up their stand. They officially started this morning at 9 a.m. but people started coming as early as 8:30 when they were still setting up. By the time I am there, a lot of things have been sold. The first rule of yard sale is go early.

These three ladies have already visited St. Hugh’s Rummage Sale and stop by to check out Kathy’s stand.

Kathy’s brother Gary has some office furniture for sale.

The prime yard sale location is the intersection of Ridge Road and Southway. Most people driving into Old Greenbelt will pass this intersection.

Linda (upper left), Karen (upper right), and Jackie are friends, and they and one other friend have set up their tables under the shade.

Jackie used to live in Greenbelt but moved to Laurel several years ago. She and Karen, who lives in GHI, have been co-workers for 19 years.

Jackie has some jewelry for sale.

On the pedestal, it says: “Love Honor Cherish” and “To Have and to Hold.”

Two prints by Crystal Pittman

Linda shows a mirror and a matching holder to her friends.

One of them decides to buy the set from Linda. They buy stuff from each other, they tell me. Today Linda was here first at 7:45 a.m. This location is first come, first served and is large enough for several more tables.

Two ladies look at one of Linda’s dish towels.

A set of three ornament picture frames for $2

Karen has lived in GHI for 25 years. She is ready to retire in a few weeks and is planning to moved to Knoxville, Tennessee where her other family members are. She has put her home on the market and is going through her belongings to prepare for the move. She tells me that the goal of yard sale is not bringing back anything home: “It’s fun to talk to people. There is no set price. Everything is negotiable.”

Karen hopes that before they leave at 1 p.m. a cat lover will show up and take these off her hands.

It is a sunny day with low humidity. Everybody agrees this is a perfect day for yard sales.

Sign at Ridge Road and Northway announcing a moving sale on Sunday

The moving sale is inside a house on Northway. Across the street, Marjory has set up a roadside sale in her front yard.

This 2-year old, wireless n-router sells for $5.


Smith-Corona Electra XT typewriter

This Gilbert Erector set originally had 275 pieces.

Marjory sets down an oil painting.

It is titled “Forces of Wind and Water.”

The painter is Jack Dillinger. Marjory says that she took art classes with Dillinger many years ago. It was before there was a dedicated Community Center and she thinks that her classes took place in the Youth Center.

For those who missed Kathy’s yard sale, one item has been left behind. It is free.

Another free item on Westway


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  1. What is the best way to find out about events coming up?

    Irma Tetzlloff

    June 19, 2012 at 1:13 pm

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