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June Artful Afternoon

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June 3

The Artful Afternoon program during Greenbelt Day Weekend included several activities. There were two hands-on craft activities, Alight Dance Theater performed “Hometown Heroes” at Greenbelt Museum, and the Greenbelt Concert Band played in the Community Center gym. I have written about the dance performance and the concert; so this post will be about the craft activities and Alight’s reception.

The white board in the Community Center hallway is filled with Greenbelt Day Weekend activities.

In Room 113, Lucy Dirksen leads a workshop making flowers from recycled water bottles. Here she is showing Juliana, Katherine, and Maria how to use a hairdryer to bend the flower petals.

Viola (left) looks at the spiral that Naomi has just made.


Juliana (left) and Yasmyn are the 2010 and 2011 Little Miss Greenbelt respectively.

Twin sisters Dora-Marie and Athalia, both 9, show the flowers they have just made.

“ADULTS: Join us outside the Nursery School if you would like to try this project with spray paint! (Bring 1-2 bottles outside with you.)”

June is Peace Month. Across the hall, in Room 116, members of the Prince George’s Peace & Justice Coalition (PGPJC) are making peace doves.

At the table, Marjory Donn of PGPJC shows a group how to make an origami dove/crane. Standing on the left is Bill Orleans, also a member of PGPJC.

Lucy Duff (left) is also a member of the Prince George’s Peace & Justice Coalition.

Marjory Donn demonstrates the making of a dove/crane to Marie-Cecile Groelsema and her twin daughters Dora-Marie and Athalia, both 9, and the Walsh family.

Doug Love of PGPJC jokes that he has also made a peace “crane.”

Michelle and Jonathan have made several cranes complete with the peace sign.

Donna Hoffmeister of PGPJC hangs a peace dove/crane.

Wishes for peace for all!

At Room 201, Alight Dance Theater is having a reception after its premiere performance of “Hometown Heroes: 75 Years of Extraordinary Greenbelt Women.” Here the dancers are still in their period dresses, and from left are Michelle Cardoso, Angella Foster, Monica Warren, Valerie Branch, and Kelly McCarty. Behind them is Megan Searing Young, curator of the Greenbelt Museum.

Angella Foster, artistic director for Alight Dance Theater, poses with two students, Glorious and Ana, from Springhill Lake Elementary School. Foster worked with fifth-grade girls from the school to record oral histories about Greenbelt women and perform a swing dance routine at the school’s annual women’s history month program in March. They are standing in front of a clothes line which symbolizes Greenbelt’s early days.

From left, Anna Socrates, Community Engagement Consultant for Alight Dance Theater, and Jeremy Ehrenreich, Sponsorship Director, talk to Mayor Pro Tem Emmett Jordan.

From left are Kelly McCarty, Valerie Branch, Angella Foster, Monica Warren, and Michelle Cardoso.

Tomato basil mozzarella skewers

Anna Socrates made these butterfly decorations for the reception.

T-shirts for Alight Dance Theater’s “Hometown Heroes” project


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