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Greenbelt Federal Credit Union Shredding Day

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May 5

The Greenbelt Federal Credit Union was established in 1937 shortly after the first residents moved into Greenbelt and is the first cooperative in the city. Housed in Roosevelt Center, the Credit Union today has 3,400 members and an asset over $19 million. Each year it organizes two shredding events for its members and members of the community in the Roosevelt Center parking lot.

The advertisement in the Greenbelt News Review reads: “The Greenbelt Federal Credit Union will be shredding your documents in the parking lot behind the Roosevelt Center at 112 Centerway. Only 5 file boxes/bags per person. Must be present for shredding. Personal records only (no business). No contaminants accepted. Abandoned boxes/bags will be put in the regular trash.”

The company that is doing today’s shredding is Torn2Shredz based in Mt. Airy, Maryland. Here the company’s owner Steve Rose is retrieving a box from a customer.

The contents of the box are emptied into a High Volume Container (HVC).

Rose rolls the HVC up to the shredding truck.

The HVC is attached to the Rail Lift System which lifts it up.

The HVC goes up the Rail Lift System, where a hood protects it from wind and rain, and at the top of the rail, the contents are emptied into the feed system which then delivers material to the shredder. According to the company’s website, the Pierce and Tear shredder “shreds your paper at rates up to, and exceeding, 6500lbs per hour.” Rose is looking at an LCD monitor which shows the shredding process.

People come in paper boxes and plastic boxes.

Some come with plastic bags. On the left is Kent Rowlette of the Greenbelt Public Works Department.

Some come with carts.

Kent Rowlette of the Greenbelt Public Works Department empties a box of documents.

In the center is Cynthia Comproni, General Manager of the Greenbelt Federal Credit Union.

If you do not want to keep your box, you can recycle it. Here Gene Krebs, an employee of the Credit Union, points a customer to the recycling truck.

Kent Rowlette of the Greenbelt Public Works Department places unwanted boxes into a city recycling truck.

From left, Greenbelt Federal Credit Union General Manager Cynthia Comproni, employee Kitty Geiger, and Joe Comproni stand behind the information table. Cynthia Comproni tells me that the Credit Union organizes two community shredding days a year, one in the spring after the tax filing deadline when people are cleaning up their papers and one in October, the Co-op Month. She says that people come not only from Greenbelt but also from surrounding communities.

Kitty Geiger (right) talks to a customer.


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