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Cub Scout Pack 202 at Potomac Watershed Cleanup

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April 14

The Potomac River Watershed Cleanup is held on a Saturday morning in April, and each year thousands volunteers pick up trash and other debris from hundreds of sites in the watershed. Greenbelt is part of the watershed, and this year two sites in the city participated in the cleanup. Members of the Greenbelt Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability (Green ACES) worked at Springhill Lake Recreation Center and Cub Scout Pack 202 at Greenbelt Lake. The following photos are from the Greenbelt Lake cleanup.

Farah Ahmad (right) distributes gloves in the parking lot of Buddy Attick Park before the cleanup.

Omar Khan distributes tongs.

Farah Ahmad (left) explains the rules: yellow bags are for recyclables including glass bottles (not dirty), metal, plastic caps, hard plastic, and paper (not dirty), and blue bags are for non-recyclables including Styrofoam items, plastic clamshells, loose plastic bags, and dirty paper or bottles. She also tells the scouts that they should not pick up sharp objects such as needles, and they should keep count of items such as tennis balls and cigarette butts as the group will need to turn the numbers in at the end.

Members of Cub Scout Pack 202, which is based at the Greenbelt Community Church, parents and friends pose for a group photo before the cleanup.

There are mini donuts for those needing more energy before the cleanup.

From left, Devon (age 8), Caleb (7), and Joyce Abma collect trash at the playground in Buddy Attick Park.

Lee (8) collects trash with his tongs. The playground area looks pretty good.

Adrian (8) walks down to the lake with his yellow plastic bag for recyclables.

Adrian puts a piece of carpet he found by the lake into a blue trash bag held by Michael Marshall.

Ben Clarke, Pack 202’s cubmaster, shows the group the first tennis ball found. Many more are found during the cleanup.

Lee hands his father debris found in the lake while cubmaster Ben Clarke tries to disentangle some fishing lines.

Devon hands Joyce Abma a paper cup picked up from the lake.

A man fishing by the lake hands over some trash.

A man fishing by the lake points out trash to cub scouts.

Scouts find many cigarette butts near the dam.

There is also firework debris, presumably from the previous Fourth of July celebration.

William (age 10) searches through the woods.

There is trash in the tree stump as well.

Adrian (left) picks up a plastic bottle from the lake.

From left Isabel (age 8), City Councilmember Konrad Herling, and William Smith, a scout parent, search for trash by Greenbelt Lake.

Alexander (9) uses a rake to collect trash.

Twins Alexander (left) and Gregory, age 9, pose for a work photo.


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  1. […] Will Smith and his two daughters smile for the camera. Smith tells me that his family enjoys living in Greenspring and uses both the playground here and the facilities at Schrom Hills Recreation Center not far away. He likes the neighborhood and tells me that his children used to go to daycare at a neighbor’s house and he could look out his windows and see them playing. Smith also has a son who is a member of the Greenbelt Cub Scout Pack 202. See a few of their photos at the pack’s annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup here. […]

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