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Yoga Class by Gretchen Schock

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April 9

Gretchen Schock started dancing when she was a small child and received her bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre and Dance. She discovered yoga while living in New York City and since coming to Greenbelt about a year ago, she has been teaching yoga classes in the area. Schock is the owner and instructor of Bee Yoga Fusion, and currently she offers adult yoga classes at the Greenbelt Community Church on Monday and Tuesday evenings and at the Greenbelt Youth Center on Thursday mornings. I visited her Monday night class at the Community Church on April 9 and took these photos.

Sign for Bee Yoga Fusion on the back door of the Greenbelt Community Church

Greta Boeringer arrives for the class with her yoga mat.

Gretchen Schock teaches Vinyasa Flow yoga to adults. This style of yoga connects breath with movement and constantly flows from one pose to another. Schock starts the class by stating the mantra for this evening: “I am open, I am flexible, I am strong.” Throughout the one-hour class, she gives instructions, such as: “Arms down by your side, feet on your mat, going into bridge pose, maintain knees apart, take a deep breath in, and lift you bum up toward the ceiling, get as high as you can on your shoulders, connecting with your breath, being able to see your belly rise and fall…”

Mountain pose

Schock helps Greta Boeringer with the warrior I pose.

The Warrior I pose flows into warrior II. From left are April Roe, Celeste Hall, and Greta Boeringer.

Then triangle pose…

Then warrior III. Schock helps Stephanie Love with her balance.

Triangle pose

Warrior III pose

Locust pose

Seated chair pose

Bow pose

Downward dog pose

“Keeping your right hand on your right knee, left hand out to the side, palm facing the mat, rotate that hip open…”

Tree pose

Hands in prayer

Finally, everybody comes to a sitting, with muscles relaxed. Schock asks people to find time everyday to just sit, close eyes and breathe.

Schock says the final blessing: “Go about your week and think good thoughts, speak good thoughts and do good thoughts.”

Gretchen Schock removes the Bee Yoga Fusion sign on her way out of the church.

Schock’s Monday night classes at the Greenbelt Community Church is donation based. The suggested donation is ten dollars. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Schock is giving donations from tonight’s class to a local charity Pathfinders for Autism which is an organization “dedicated to helping individuals, parents and professionals find resources, supports and training while working to increase the awareness of autism spectrum disorders and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.” Schock’s eldest son is on the autism spectrum.


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