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75th Anniversary Committee Meeting

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February 13

Members of the Greenbelt 75th Anniversary Committee were appointed by the City Council, and the Committee has been meeting every month since April 2010 to plan a year-long series of events to celebrate Greenbelt’s 75th anniversary in 2012. On February 13, I attended the first full committee meeting of the year and took these pictures.

The committee meets in the Greenbelt Community Center. Attending tonight’s meeting are from upper right Lois Rosado, Betty Timer, Barbara Havekost, Barbara Young, Carol Malveaux (co-chair), Isabelle Gournay, Frank DeBernardo, Janubi Devendra, Dave Mills (co-chair), Sheila Maffay-Tuthill, and Megan Searing Young (staff liaison to the city).

From left are Barbara Havekost, Betty Timer, and Lois Rosado. Rosado and Timer are on the Events Planning and Coordination Subcommittee, and they report that events through May are cleared. These include Astronomy Club’s “75 Years of Stars” celebration in February, tours of Tugwell Room in Greenbelt Library in March, and Golden Age Club’s 75th birthday party in May. The Greenbelt Day weekend activities in June still need to be planned.

Megan Searing Young, curator of the Greenbelt Museum, raises a question about adding events to the 75th Anniversary Committee’s official calendar. She says that the Greenbelt Nursery School asked her to add its 5K race, and she expects to receive more such requests from Greenbelt organizations as the year progresses.

Several points are raised in the discussion. The official calendar indicates city sponsorship, and some members feel that events that have not been discussed in the committee should not be put on it. Others say that the calendar is already crowded and events that are done every year and are not directly related to the 75th anniversary should not be on it. Members agree that a link should be added to the website for events not sponsored by the city and the 75th Anniversary Committee.

Dave Mills, co-chair of the committee and a member of the Finance Subcommittee, reads out some financial numbers: the committee has received $6,255 in donations, made $2,900 in sales, got $1,500 in anticipated donations, spent $13,213, is anticipating $6,400 in expenses, for a balance of $8,441.

Isabelle Gournay, chair of the Symposium Subcommittee, distributes registration forms for the “Sustaining Greenbelt’s Legacy” symposium in late April. She has also compiled a program with detailed descriptions of the talks and biographies of the speakers, and this program will become the symposium brochure. Gournay asks committee members to help publicize the event.

Betty Timer has produced a flier for the symposium, and there is a discussion on which photo to use. Suggestions include photos of the 75th anniversary tiles, pedestrian tunnels, and some newer buildings of Greenbelt. Gournay feels that the photo should not be only about Greenbelt’s past, and the group decides to use one of the Farmers Market.

There is a discussion about promoting the symposium. Megan Searing Young will find vintage and contemporary photos for the postcard, and Betty Timer will write articles for the News Review. Notices will also be put in GHI’s Communicator and electronic newsletter, and registration forms will go to many places including the Community Center, City Hall, Library, New Deal Café, Arts Center, movie theaters, as well as Starbucks and supermarkets. Isabelle Gournay adds that she will speak about the symposium at the March 12 City Council meeting.

Carol Malveaux, co-chair of the committee and a member of the Gala Subcommittee, talks about preparations for the Gala Dinner Dance in October. This will be at Martin’s Crosswinds, and Peaches O’Dell has agreed to perform at the event. The band requires a deposit of $500 to be paid however the City Council has yet to decide on the ticket price. The proposed price is $75.

Megan Searing Young, curator of the Greenbelt Museum and a member of the Museum Activities Subcommittee, reports that she has been working with Angella Foster of Alight Dance Theater on its dance project on the women of Greenbelt. The site-specific performances will take place at the museum in June. She is also working on an exhibit which will be open before the symposium and will plan events to celebrate the museum’s 25th anniversary. The celebration will be probably in October during the Gala weekend as many former Greenbelt residents will be in town.

Sheila Maffay-Tuthill, the museum’s education and volunteer coordinator, talks about the girl scouts’ celebration of their 100th anniversary. The main event will be organized by the girl scouts and will take place in front of the Community Center on April 15 (March 10). There will also be activities at the museum such as making lemonade and washing clothes.

After these subcommittee reports, there is time for round-robin discussion. Barbara Havekost talks about the International Year of the Cooperatives this year and says that the Greenbelt Co-op Alliance will organize some events in October, the co-op month. The Events Subcommittee will discuss these events as they are finalized.

Betty Timer asks whether it is possible to hang the 75th anniversary banner above the Community Center stage. This banner has been displayed periodically at city entrances on Southway and Crescent Road. She thinks displaying it at the Community Center will be good advertising.

75th Anniversary Committee members: from left, Barbara Havekost, Betty Timer, Lois Rosado, Dave Mills (co-chair), Barbara Young, Megan Searing Young (staff liaison to the city), Carol Malveaux (co-chair), Sheila Maffay-Tuthill, Frank DeBernardo, Janubi Devendra, and Isabelle Gournay.


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March 1, 2012 at 8:00 am

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  1. What brains! What effort! Thank you 75th Anniversary Committee!

    Jim Link

    March 1, 2012 at 8:26 am

  2. This committee is doing an outstanding job. Thank you all for the thoughtfulness and dedication you bring to helping Greenbelt celebrate its history, and look forward to an even better future!

    Sylvia Lewis

    March 2, 2012 at 8:49 am

  3. While a few of us dancers might enjoy a booming base component of a band, it is not safe to conclude that all would enjoy that, especially during the dinner phase, or any vocal presentations. I am not talking about the band scheduled for this event – instead it is the booms that tend to come through the poorly sound-proofed walls. Here you can read about this disruption both in the context of a wedding and other event(s).

    Hopefully it is still early enough to coordinate this concert with Martin’s Crosswinds, and to get an agreement in writing.

    Bill Norwood

    March 3, 2012 at 12:33 pm

  4. This is an amazing group of individuals!! Thanks for all you do! Quick correction:
    . . . girl scouts’ celebration of their 100th anniversary. The main event will be organized by the girl scouts and will take place in front of the Community Center on Sunday, APRIL 15, from 11 am – 3 pm There will also be activities at the museum such as making lemonade and washing clothes.

    Karen Yoho

    March 8, 2012 at 11:48 am

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