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Community Foundation Tea

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February 26

The Greenbelt Community Foundation’s mission is to “maintain, improve and enrich the quality of life in Greenbelt.” Since its founding in 2006, the non-profit foundation has since received about $190,000 in contribution from individuals and businesses and distributed about $80,000 to community organizations. Grants are given out twice a year. On Sunday, February 26, the foundation held its annual tea at Greenbelt Marriott, and two more Greenbelt organizations received grants.

Pat Warren (left) and Leslie McLaughlin (administrator for the foundation) work at the registration table.

Shayna Skolnik is a local artist who designed the foundation’s new logo—a hand holding a seedling. Skolnik also designed the logo for Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket.

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker chats with Mayor Judith “J” Davis before the award ceremony. Mayor Davis is a founding member of the foundation.

Don Comis of Greenbelt Patch writes down the name of Hannah Russell and Jose Martinez, members of Eleanor Roosevelt High School clarinet choir. Russell and Martinez played for the guests before the ceremony. Eleanor Roosevelt High School Wind Ensemble is a past recipient of a foundation grant.

Tom Jones

Dorrie Bates, chair of the foundation’s advisory board, opens the meeting. The foundation is directed by a volunteer advisory board responsible for proposal solicitation and review, community outreach and fund raising.

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker notes that today’s awardees are associated with arts, “as most folks know, I am a big proponent of the arts, especially since I have one child in the graduate degree in the arts, I have a middle child in the performing arts, and my youngest is about to go to art school. So please buy art!” He adds that his oldest child went to Greenbelt Middle School and his children used to go to the library and pool in Greenbelt.


City Council members Edward Putens (front) and Konrad Herling

Pastor Dan Hamlin of Greenbelt Community Church: “Greenbelt didn’t become a unique community by accident. It took creative visions, thorough planning, and a lot of hard work by Greenbelt citizens like you. That’s what got us where we are today. That sense of community that makes Greenbelt a terrific place to live and work is fragile. Without continued investment of vision, energy, and resources, it will fade away.”


The foundation logo is the work of Greenbelt-based artist Shayna Skolnik.

Maggie Cahalan reports on the Three Sisters Garden project. The is a project of CHEARS, the CHesapeake Education, Arts and Research Society, and in 2010 it received a $1,500 grant from the foundation. Cahalan mentions that another project of CHEARS, the Greenbelt Green Man Festival, also received a grant from the foundation at its crucial early stage.

Bob Cahalan (also a member of CHEARS) records video as Maggie Cahalan speaks.

About a hundred people are in attendance at the tea.

Barbara Simon from Greenbelt Association for the Visual Arts (GAVA) talks about its animation project for Greenbelt’s 75th anniversary, in collaboration with Greenbelt Access Television (GATE). This project is one of the two grant recipients today.

From the event program: “The GAVA/GATE Animation Program is creating an animated video with Greenbelt youth ages 11-15 to address the challenge brought on by the three physically separated geographic areas of Greenbelt. Students from all three areas are working as a team to create the animation over two years. Participation is free, making the project accessible to all Greenbelt youth.”

Jim Cohen (left), an advisory board member of the Greenbelt Community Foundation, presents a check to Barbara Simon (right) of GAVA as Bob Zugby (second from left, GATE president) and Konrad Herling (GATE board member) look on. Simon says that George Kochell, the animation instructor, cannot be here today as he is teaching a class.

Jim Fischer, chair of the proposal review group, talks about the grant process. He says that for the latest grant cycle, four proposals were received by the September 15, 2011 deadline, and the board worked with the groups to revise and improve on their proposals.

Jim Fischer (left) hands check of $3,768.50 to Barbara Simon (right) and Mimi Noorani who are accepting the grant on behalf of Greenbelt Elementary School PTA.

From the event program: “Arts in Action Two will bring three artists into Greenbelt Elementary School to provide drawing, painting and ceramics classes to students in kindergarten through six grade during the spring semester of the 2011-2012 year. It will provide the students with art experiences while supporting and enriching the academic subjects they are studying.”

Mimi Noorani, a member of Greenbelt Elementary School PTA, tells that she is also a past awardee, being the author of the “Arts in Action One” proposal. (The author for “Arts in Action Two” cannot be here because of sickness.) She says that the Greenbelt Community Foundation grant has enabled them to bring artists to the school on multiple occasions, forming a bond between the artists and the students.


Dorrie Bates talks about the foundation being “a bridge between the needs of the community and caring donors.” “I invite you to be the bridge, to plant the seed.”

Sylvia Lewis is recognized as a founding member of the Greenbelt Community Foundation.

Sandra Lange, an advisory board member, distributes pledge forms to guests at her table. Mary Lou Williamson, Greenbelt News Review’s long-time editor, sits on the left.

Margaret Lo Hing smiles for the camera.

Janice Davis fills out a pledge form.

Ann Landry Lombardi (left) and Catherine McHugh

Eulalie Lucas, an advisory board member, gives closing remarks and invites Greenbelt organizations to apply for a new round of grants by the April 15 deadline.

City council member Silke Pope

Alan Turnbull (right) is also a founding member of the foundation.

Jon Bell, Judy Bell (vice chair of the advisory board), Mary Lou Williamson, Sandra Lange talk after the tea.

When I ask to photograph him, James Bates tells me that people have always been interested in his beard. He says that once a sculptor saw him and asked to take photos of him from every angle. He says that he should go back to see the sculpture.

Dorrie Bates talks to Bill Duncan, another founding member of the foundation.

Jim Cohen talks to Angella Foster (right). Foster is the artistic director of Greenbelt-based Alight Dance Theater which received a grant from the Greenbelt Community Foundation last year. In the coming months, the theater will perform a site-specific piece about the women of Greenbelt in celebration of the city’s 75th anniversary.

Barbara Havekost (right) is another member of the advisory board.

Guests chat long after the tea is over.


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February 29, 2012 at 8:00 am

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  1. Wonderful record of a great event. Thanks so much, Eric.

    Dorrie Bates

    February 29, 2012 at 10:58 am

  2. Thanks, Eric! Your fine report helps to bring the event to those who couldn’t be there Sunday.

    Austin Henry

    February 29, 2012 at 12:21 pm

  3. Looks like a GREAT affair, Madame Chair! I’m glad you got Jim Bates into the mix … but where was Richard?

    A crowning achievement … and you looked marvelously comfortable at the podium, even casual.

    Yo Bro


    February 29, 2012 at 1:29 pm

  4. […] gives out grants to local organizations twice a year. In February, I wrote about the foundation’s annual tea where the GAVA/GATE animation program and the Greenbelt Elementary School Arts in Action program […]

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