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Mowatt Church Spaghetti Dinner

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February 18

Mowatt United Methodist Church in Old Greenbelt hosts two spaghetti dinners each year, one early in the year and one in the fall. Local boy and girl scouts help out at the dinner, and the mayor often attends. Proceeds from the dinner benefit the church and select charities. The year, the church is donating a cow through the Heifer Project.

All you can eat spaghetti dinner from 5 to 7 pm.

Daffodils are blooming outside of Mowatt Church.

Chelsey Brock (left) pays Betty Kolbe (center), who is tonight’s cashier and keeps count, as Maxine Smith looks on. The dinner costs eight dollars and includes all-you-can-eat spaghetti, bread, salad, drinks, and cakes for dessert.

Ellen Noll greets guests as they enter and directs them to their seats.

In the kitchen Lenny Wertz cooks spaghetti. The spaghetti was cooked yesterday and has been left in the refrigerator overnight so that it can be heated up quickly tonight. Wertz is also the Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 746 which has been associated with Mowatt Church for more than 50 years. See my earlier post about Scout Sunday at Mowatt.

Judy Foster (left) and Laurie Rabideau serve spaghetti in the kitchen. There is a meat marinara sauce (shown here) and a meatless one. The sauces were cooked this morning and have been kept warm.

Kristopher Weene, a member of Scout Troop 746, carries a tray with four plates. Greenbelt’s boy and girl scouts have been helping at Mowatt’s spaghetti dinner.

Maggie Grace (left) and Elaina Perry, both with Girl Scout Troop 5004, serve spaghetti.

Nettie Brockway (right) hands Elaina Perry a basket of sliced bread.

Kitty Barnes (left) serves salad while Nettie Brockway looks on.

Ellen Noll fills a pitcher with iced tea.

JP Townsend, a member of Troop 746, pours a cup of iced tea.

Greenbelt Mayor Judith “J” Davis gets a takeout meal from Laurie Rabideau.

Mowatt Church’s pastor Fay Lundin (second from left) is at the spaghetti dinner with a few friends.

Alyssa Weene, eight, the youngest server tonight, carries a tray with cakes for dessert.

Pam Goddard, leader of Girl Scout Troop 5004, helps with dishes.

Mowatt’s spaghetti dinner is known for its pies. For this dinner Maxine Smith made fourteen pies and Kitty Barnes nine. Each sells for ten dollars.

About eighty people are at the dinner and on the way out I hear several times people complimenting Maxine Smith for another great dinner. Pastor Lundin tells me that Maxine Smith and Kitty Barnes are the driving force behind the spaghetti dinner at Mowatt. Of the 14 pies Smith made and 9 Barnes made, only three are left when I am ready to leave.


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February 19, 2012 at 9:04 pm

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