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First Snow in Old Greenbelt

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January 21

This winter of 2011-2 has been snowless so far, except for a fairly light October snowfall which surprised the D.C. region. On Friday night, the first real winter snow storm finally arrived, and on Saturday, I took these pictures around Old Greenbelt and at the Lake.

The Greenbelt 75th Anniversary Committee was established by the City Council and has been working to plan a year-long series of events to celebrate Greenbelt’s anniversary year in 2012. One of the first activities carried out by the Committee was a logo contest in 2010, and the winning design, by Judy McCord, a former Greenbelt resident, is shown here on a banner greeting those entering Old Greenbelt on Southway. It includes a heart tree (Greenbelters love their surrounding green belt), Greenbelt in vintage typewriter font, and a tag line “community, culture, cooperation.”

Since my New Year’s Day walk, the damaged cover for the Greenbelt map on Southway has been replaced. We can now see the four major roads intersecting at Greenbelt: Capital Beltway I-495, Baltimore-Washington Parkway I-295, Greenbelt Road MD 193, and Kenilworth Avenue MD 201. These roads give motorists easy access to the city, but they also divide the town into eight pieces, causing disconnect among neighborhoods.

A series of signs greet visitors on the east side of Southway as they enter Old Greenbelt. Here is Greenbelt Lions Club.

Sign for Greenbelt Elementary School at Southway and Ridge Road. When Greenbelt was founded in 1937, the school was housed in the Community Center and was called Center School. Later when that school could not serve the increasing demand, a second school was built at the north end of the town in 1945 and was called North End School. In the 1990s, the Center School closed and a new Greenbelt Elementary School was built at the North End School site. About six hundred students from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade currently enroll there.

Intersection of Southway and Ridge Road looking south.

Bus stop at Southway and Crescent Road.

Newspaper boxes next to the bus stop at Southway and Crescent Road. Greenbelt is served by the internationally known Washington Post, the regional, more conservative Washington Times, the community Gazette, and (not pictured here) the city’s own Greenbelt News Review.

The wide median separating Roosevelt Center, Old Greenbelt’s commercial heart, from Crescent Road.

Greenbelt’s War Memorial is located in the median between Roosevelt Center and Crescent Road. “To the men of this community who made the supreme sacrifice while serving in the armed forces of our country in World War II.” 15 names are inscribed on it. The smaller marker in the front contains the names of Greenbelt residents who gave their lives in Korean (one) and Vietnam (two).

The building on the other side of Crescent Road is Strathcona Apartments, 28-40 Crescent Road. It offers one-bedroom apartments in the center of Old Greenbelt.

The Star and Spangled Banner flying above the War Memorial.

Tables in Roosevelt Center’s center mall are covered with snow. The movie theater is showing Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Lenore Thomas’s Mother and Child at Roosevelt Center. The mother was giving her child a glass of water but now it looks like an ice cream cone.

The Greenbelt Community Center with a star magnolia tree.

Holly with red berries in front of the Greenbelt Public Library. [If you know the proper name of this tree, please leave a comment.]

Snow covered southern magnolia leaves by the south side of the public library.

Snow covered playground on the south side of Crescent Road opposite the public library.

Gulls at Greenbelt Lake.

Gulls at Greenbelt Lake. [If you know the proper name of these birds, please leave a comment.]


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January 24, 2012 at 7:26 am

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  1. Nice photos! Those are Ring-Billed Gulls, the most common gull in this part of the world, especially inland and near cities.

    John Stith

    January 26, 2012 at 11:11 pm

  2. All your photos are great, but I really love the Mother and Child one. It might make a good Christmas or Holiday card.

    Frank DeBernardo

    March 3, 2012 at 7:03 am

  3. I have enjoyed looking through ALL your photos, but I agree with Mr DeBernardo above about the Mother and Child statue with the snow. It is truly beautiful!

    Christina Kavanagh

    January 20, 2013 at 7:32 am

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