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New Year Polar Plunge

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January 1

On New Year’s Day 2012, the Greenbelt Aquatic and Fitness Center hosts a polar plunge in its outdoor pool. This is the first year the Aquatic Center is doing this because normally after the outdoor pool closes in the fall, after the dogs have their chance to swim (pooch plunge), the pool is drained and stays dry during the winter season. However earlier this year, the pool was resurfaced with white coating and has to stay full for one year to maintain it. That presents an opportunity for a New Year’s Day polar plunge.

About 30 people show up for the plunge. Each pays a $15 registration fee which covers lifeguard and emergency personnel expenses, a chance to swim in the indoor pool afterward, and a commemorative sweatshirt. Here they listen to instructions. It is a warm New Year’s Day, with temperature in the 50s.

Only the shallow end of the pool is open to the plungers. They line up. Ready, Set…


Now the reckoning…

And the scramble…

They plunge in all styles…

Some are brave enough for the second plunge.

Even the third plunge!

Mitch Kallemyn, right, aquatic coordinator for the facility, speaks to a reporter from Greenbelt News Review.

This is supposed to be a one-time event but with the turnout and enthusiam and calls to make the plunge an annual tradition, Kallemyn says that the city will look into it and do a cost benefit analysis.


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